Frequently Asked Questions

1.When I upload an image it doesn't look like the original background

With foundation level processing the replacement background is based on the surrounding imagery - more advanced processing ability is available using techniques on the professional level

2.What makes the professional level better

On this level you can reprocess your images/clips with different intensity levels of Ghosting, you can also use the advanced 3d ghosting using two images taken at the same time from different angles

3.My replacement background looks a little fuzzy

Re Ghost your image, the program constantly learns new conditions

4.What do i need to do for 3d ghosting

You will need two camera shots taken at the same time from different angles of the same scene - the uploaded stereo shots will need to be in the same format and same density imagery/clips

5.I have my new ghosted image - but too much has been taken out -what can i do

Upload you original image again and re Ghost on a lower level, this is available on professional level

6.How do i upgrade

Go to your account and choose the next level up, the new subscription and account level will start immediately

7.How do i stop my subscription

Go to your account and choose cancel my subscription

8.My image taking a long time to ghost, is it stuck?

Some ghosting can take a long time, however if no response in 24 hours, the system will restart the process automatically

9.My Video/Clip is taking a very long time is this normal?

Yes the first time you upload a video clip it will take a long time - then your results will get progressively faster